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Fire in my Heart

Artikelnummer: 9783417268126

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My Thrilling Journey into a Life of Prayer

Autor(en): Hartl, Johannes
Schlagworte: Prayer; Gebetshaus Augsburg; House of prayer; Englische Texte; Travels; Inspiration; Contemplation; Englisch

By a man who set out to learn what prayer is. Whether his childhood in the vicinity of a Benedictine Abbey, his youthful exploits doing the most extreme things he could think of for Jesus, or his numerous travels, in retrospect Johannes Hartl can see the

real purpose behind the many stages of his life: He was on a journey into the heart of prayer. And on this journey - through the desert of Syria, into isolated monasteries, into the jungles of Laos or to breath-taking panoramas in the Mediterranean - he wants to take you along and share the insights of his heart with you. Dive into a wholly different, sometimes alien, world, that draws you in irresistibly. And enter into a world that is completely infused with Jesus.

Format: Buch
ISBN: 9783417268126
Artikel Nr.: 226812000
Verlag: SCM R. Brockhaus
Erscheindatum: 14.12.2016
Seitenzahl: ca 224 S.
Maße: 21,5 x 14,0 cm
Gewicht: 410,0 g